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“I started up with bootcamp because a friend of mine started…I thought, huh…I HATE HATE HATE the gym, so maybe this was the answer to me getting FIT without having to do the whole GYM thing.

Well, I have been going to Superwomen Bootcamp since April 9th and it is EXACTLY what I needed!  Do I enjoy getting out of bed at 5:30am 3 morning a week? NO! But, what I DO love is getting my exercise out of the way  AND, how fantastic I feel all day long!

Kristin is a fantastic instructor. She is good about watching your form and correcting you when needed.  But, not only is she a wonderful motivator during class, she is great about motivating you when your NOT in class as well.  All in all, a fabulous investment.” Amber N. Sacramento, CA



“Fantastic find.  I’ve attended two classes so far and I already feel great. Sore, but in the best way. The small group of people at different fitness levels works creates a non-intimidating, fun, and yet still challenging environment for working out. Also circuits are repeated with directions for possible modifications, allowing time for improvement. And even though I have only attended 2 classes it’s already obvious that Kristin puts a lot of thought into the sessions, we just had a Christmas themed work out that was very enjoyable (candy cane v-ups, reindeer crawls, eight leaps, etc. to holiday music).
Currently it’s only at 6 and 7 am on MWF which can be a challenge for myself since I’m on vacation but I imagine it’s really convenient for anyone who wants to get a good work out before work. Parking is really easy and free. Also, according to my iPhone app I’m burning approx. 400 calories each class. I don’t know if that’s true but it feels like it.” – Stacey C. Sacramento, CA


“Seriously couldn’t be happier with superwoman bootcamp! I had no idea it was going to be such a good work out! Kristin is such a great trainer and a wonderful person to start my morning off with, and she is really insirational especially because I know she got into her amazing shape from going to bootcamp herself.

I have always been relatively athletic so I was trying to find something to keep me in shape now that sports are over with for me, but didn’t want to spend the amount a personal trainer costs. Not only is bootcamp with Kristin half the price but you get just as good of a workout and it’s three times a week!! I was only getting one session a week with my old trainer and paying way more. I already have lost 9 pounds in my first month and have lost a pant size as well as noticable definition in my arms and butt. I am sooo glad I joined, and it is really motivating me to watch what I eat, which is easy since along with the training you are given nutrition plans.

It’s a great atmosphere for all levels!! There are all ages, skill levels and I love how much of a variation in exercises we do! Every week something new feels sore :)” – Jenna T. New York, New York



“I’ve been going to this boot camp since the first week of January and I’m very proud to say that I’ve dropped a 30 pounds, definitely dropped fat and gained muscle and a lot of confidence. I’m the type of person that gets bored real easy with any type of workout and I usually end up hating it within 2 weeks. I’m on my 6th week and I love it! I don’t get bored with any of the exercises, I’m always pushing myself and most of all, the coach is very encouraging and never yells at you like other boot camps or like the gym teacher you used to have in high school. Also, the coach knows how to push you when you don’t push yourself which is great. I love it and I recommend it to anyone at any fitness level. The coach will definitely adjust the level of intensity whether a certain exercise is too hard or too easy…but let me tell you this boot camp is not easy, but definitely for everyone.” -Winnie N. Sacramento, CA



“Terrifying!  That is what i thought..  I have gone to the gym for years and it is the same ole thing, hours there, little results and mostly  boring.  Everyday I would tell myself, “I gotta get back to the gym.”   One morning while getting ready for work, I saw a feature about Superwomen Boot Camp on a local news station introducing a new Mid-Town location.  I have always thought boot camps were in your face yelling at you.  That to me was not encouraging and was more intimidating to me than anything.

That is not what I saw on the news feature.  The trainer looked very encouraging and people appeared to be having a good time.  I thought about it for a week and finally went to my first class.  That was 4 weeks ago and I am hooked.  There are women of ALL fitness levels.  I am not in shape and I don’t feel embarrassed at all.  The trainer modifies the exercises to all fitness levels.  Don’t get me wrong.  She WORKS ME! I sweat a cry to mommy a few times AND I AM LOVING IT!!  If I was at the gym, I would I have quit in the middle and not pushed myself.  The trainer makes sure we are all in proper posture and she is right there with us cheering us on and telling us “you can do it.”    We also get nutrition guidance, emailed health and nutrition information and the trainer is just a phone call away if you feel you need some extra support.  We always end the class with high 5’s all around and I can see a sense of accomplishments in everyone’s faces.  I feel great the rest of the day and I am so proud of myself for taking time out for me.

I will not go back to the gym because I have discovered  Boot Camp.  My clothes are already fitting better.  If you want an incredible workout, you should come check it out!!!” – Kelly N. Sacramento, CA



“I hate working out. Can I just put that right out there? HATE IT.

That said, I decided in September to do something I had never done before. Wake up early to work out. Can you image? I hate waking up early, I hate working out, how could I deal with the two combined!?

The truth is, the waking up part was still a challenge, but the working out part was never easier. This is not to say that it was actually easy by any means, but with Kristin as your trainer, the hour goes by much more quickly and you leave knowing you got a lot done.

Kristin’s style is a circuit training method. It starts with a warm up that is the equivalent of a work out on its own! (or at least one I would put together.) Then you head to the circuit which is 5 exercises that you do for :50 second each. I LOVE this format. It helps a lot with the mentally challenging aspects of working out, because its easy for me to stay motivated and pushing myself when I know I only have to do it for 50 seconds. Plus, if you hate one of the exercises, you know its not long til your done and get to move to one you like better. The circuit is done 4 times, and by the time you’re halfway done, its easy to start feeling home free.

The exercises include both cardio and weight training, so you really work up a sweat and know you’re getting the job done. I’m terrible at weights on my own, but I know its so important.

The best part about working out with Kristin is she gives you special attention. She won’t let you slip into bad form without reminding you of the correct position. It really helps you make the most of your time spent in the gym. The music she has is great too, gets you really pumped.

The only drawback is that she currently doesn’t offer any evening camps because she doesn’t have enough members for a 5:30 or 6:30 pm time. The AMs are still a challenge for me, and I would LOVE to be able to continue in the early evening.  Even this criticism Kristin has been great about, and she’s willing to put together a new evening class if people will join it. SO LET HER KNOW IF YOU’RE INTERESTED!  🙂 I’ll do it with you!” – Megan E. Sacramento, CA



“I have been working out with Kristin since January of 2010, and trust me it’s hard but so much fun! The best part is, she uses TRX equipment which if you used at any gym would cost hundreds of dollars. She coaches me with nutrition and work outs to do on days when I don’t see her. She’s the only trainer I know who texts motivation, and actually cares about you past the hour that she sees you. The circuit style training has helped me cut fat and inches, I’m now wearing a smaller size than I did in high school! Give her a try, she works with your schedule and will drive anywhere to meet you!” – Valerie S. Sacramento, CA



“I had the lucky opportunity to work with Kristin for a month in my very first boot camp experience. She was very supportive and eased me into the workouts, I was a total stranger to circuit training. Her words of encouragement helped me get to the next level and reach my goals!  After two weeks alone I noticed a difference in my thighs and felt stronger in my triceps. Her workouts include a great combination of exercises like jumping jacks (which I no longer fear), push-ups, step aerobics, weight training, yoga poses and so much more. I like that every day’s excerise was different, and she always rocked great music – that is key for me for a great workout!” – Samantha S. Sacramento, CA


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