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Walking in a winter wonderland.

Or should I run?

Run from this “wonderland” filled with candy, brownies, and pie. Oh Santa, why in the world must you tempt me with reese’s filled cookies and my mom’s famous pumpkin bread. What did I ever do to you? Did I come up there and put you on a diet? No way, in fact every year I still give you my milk and cookies so please throw me a bone and all I want for Christmas is a smaller waist.

For those of you that know me, you know the only house I want to live in is a gingerbread house. I want to brush my teeth with egg nog, use peppermint bark as a loofah, and sit down to a nice pumpkin pie dinner. Ok, ok enough already I know but sugar is my drug. It’s so hard for me this time of year, with all of the office candy and friendly baking gestures from friends and family.

How will I ever survive?

Instead of living in denial, I’ve decided that there’s a better way to handle this holiday food obsession. Eat. Did you hear me? Yes that’s right. Eat. Every day I stick to my usually eating habits, except I allow myself one small piece of something very bad in order to keep my sanity. My workouts are still consistent which is key, and what the body needs the most. I keep my food journal and stick to my allowed calories per day. Although it seems obsessive, it’s what works for me. I don’t keep track of anything but the calories because honestly, who has time? This form of keeping track is great for anyone who likes to snack, and sometimes can lose sight of how much they ate in a day. I recently told my campers to do the same, and they’re seeing up to 6 pounds lost in the last month. For this time of year, that’s amazing!

I wanted to share some tips with you that help me through the holiday parties and meals. First off, never go to a party hungry, that’s a recipe for disaster! Eat a balanced snack before, something with protein. My favorite is a Greek yogurt with some pomegranate seeds and a few crackers. Eating protein helps you stay full for a long period of time, mix that with the crackers and you should feel very satisfied. When you get to the party, always have a drink in hand like some water with lemon, coffee, or light calorie drink (vodka soda). Sip on this while everyone is picking at the snack table, this keeps at least one hand busy and you’re still able to enjoy something. Remember that sugar makes you crash after a few minutes so when it comes to the snacks, stick to a small cube of cheese, vegetables with hummus, or a meat kabob. Real (protein, vegetables, beans) food keeps you full and satisfied where processed foods (baked goods, candy, and anything from a package) are not full of the natural things your body uses as fuel. Your body takes one look at this and says “huh, are you kidding?” and then continues to tell you to “FEED ME SOMETHING I CAN USE!”

Along with being mindful of what you’re eating, there’s a big need for your body to move. Especially now that’s dark and cold, you tend to want to hibernate. Instead of shunning the workouts based on the weather, embrace the season! It’s surprisingly beneficial:

  • Ice skating burns 252 calories per half hour.
  • Decorating the Christmas tree: 81 calories
  • Writing Christmas cards: 61 calories
  • Wrapping gifts: 51 calories
  • Building a snowman: 285 calories an hour
  • Having a snowball fight:  319 calories an hour
  • Making snow angels: 214 calories an hour
  • Shoveling snow: 200 calories per half hour
  • Sledding: 474 calories per hour

Have a happy holiday with family and friends! Remember that your health goals will still be there on the 26th, so be mindful of the way you treat your body through the holidays. Next week, learn some new moves for blasting those holiday calories!

From my boot campers, I get a lot of questions about what to do when you only have 20-30 minutes to work out. To be honest, you can get all of your muscles worked in that amount of time it’s just about pairing muscle groups together. My aunt was asking how to fit it all in before work. I simply told her as long as you can do you weight/strength training in a circuit style, paired with some cardio after, you’ll be good to go! Here are some videos showing what exactly you can do:

Dead lift with back row:

–          Level one: both feet on the ground, soft knees (don’t lock), chest and chin up towards the ceiling leaving a nice flat back. Bend over as far as you can so you feel that hamstring stretch, come back up a little and row the weights with your elbows by your side squeezing your shoulder blades. (10-12 reps, 3 sets)

–          Level two: the same idea but with only one foot on the ground and coming into a T position with the shoulders and leg. You can alternate legs or switch every set. (10-12 reps, 3 sets)

Squat to clean:

-This does wonders for the rear and shoulder. Love Jessica Biel’s arms? Here you go. Squat down with the weight in between the legs. Again, chin and chest are always up with your abs in tight. After you squat (squeezing the cheeks together) press the weight up towards your shoulder and lift over head. Inhale as you squat, exhale as you push. (8 reps with one arm, then switch. 3 sets)

Plank to push up:

–          This is a doozy but works the abs as well as the chest. In a plank position (can be done on the toes like shown or on your knees for level 1) push one arm up and the other follows. Make sure to switch arms for example: pushing up right then left then down with left down with right. You can repeat the same for the other arm. (perform this for up to 1 minute)

A special thanks to my boot camper (and best friend), Valerie who has lost 60 pounds and is an inspiration to me every day! Keep it up!


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