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“I’m gonna barf!”

Posted on: November 10, 2010


            Getting “whoozy” is a common feeling when working out. Truth is, if you haven’t ever felt that way, chances are you don’t know what it’s like to push yourself to the limit. Now, by no means am I saying that I want you to workout til you collapse, but when or if this does happen the reason most likely is that your body is reacting to never being pushed quite that far. In my boot camp, it’s a common fact that the first day, you’re probably going to get sick or feel lightheaded. People that come to me have either not pushed that hard before, or haven’t worked out for a while. What I try to explain is that you should wear that like a badge of honor! How bad a** is that to be pushed to a breaking point, and not give up! “You only fail when you say ‘I quit’” is a phrase I say regularly.

            Some ways to bypass the sick or lightheaded feeling are: drinking lots of water the day before a big workout, eating before your workout, and taking a break to breathe when you need it. Not eating before a big workout will significantly lower your blood sugar, making you feel weak. Feeling weak will not help with a good workout, in fact you’ll probably skip out early because you feel terrible. Eating something small will help you burn fat by jump starting your metabolism. That being said, what should you eat before you workout? Here are a few of my favorite pre-workout snacks:

–          100 calorie packs of almonds: or you can just measure out about 15 almonds or walnuts. Pair this with some yogurt (see below).

–          A banana: the blast of potassium prevents cramps, pair this with the yogurt, or if you don’t like to eat a lot this should sustain you for your workout.

–          Steel cut oats: loaded with fiber and carbohydrates, this is a great way to start the day. Stick to the serving size, you can mix in some berries and cinnamon for extra flavor.

–          Greek yogurt: go for the nonfat, plain yogurt. This is way lower in sugar than the other yogurts out there and packs 15 grams of protein!

–          One half of a whole wheat English muffin paired with one hard boiled egg white and one whole hard boiled egg.

Good luck!


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