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Posted on: September 29, 2010

My MWF morning boot camp, working those hammies!

This morning, as all MWF mornings I wake up at 5am to instruct my boot camp class which takes place 6-7am or 7-8am. And also on said mornings, I have to wake up that early to give my body a chance to actually try to function. Wednesday mornings I watch the episode of Glee that aired the night before, Mondays are Bridezilla mornings, and Fridays….oh Fridays are the best! They are my real housewives mornings. Also on these days I have to make something to eat which will keep me full until about 12 or so. Today especially because I had a client at 8:30 and class until 11:45. Ick. So for breakfast I had three of these apple sized whole wheat frozen pancakes (230 cals) from Trader Joes with a small amount of natural peanut butter spread on top. It actually kept me full the whole time, which in my world is no short of a miracle.

In other news, I’ve been trying to cut down on carbs. Nothing crazy, just more in control of which types of foods I’m eating. And also, anyone who wants to try to tell me veggies = carbs can go take a hike. That is pure crap. When all I eat is protein and veggies, I turn into a monster. That said, i’m aallowing 120g a day from carbs. That’s roughly about 500 cal or so. I still count fruit but will not count vegtables.

Training my client this morning with a TRX.

This is one of my favorite ways to train. There’s no way you come out of a TRX workout not completly sweaty and shaking. This is something you can do anywhere which is also something I love. Squat to row, which is seen here is great for the butt and back!


Oh man am i sore! Friday I did back to back legs: leg press, one leg lunges, one leg dead lifts, etc and oh man is my butt sore! I’m still trying to stretch it out. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to go to the gym today so I attached my TRX to my door and did a home workout. I had a client today, and I killed him with a few circuits at the park.

Today I’m focusing on less sugar and more protein. For breakfast I had some salmon, veggies, and a sweet potato. A snack was a banana and some peanut butter. mmm. I can’t wait for lunch because I got this amazing cilanto salad dressing from trader joe’s and I can’t wait to try it out. And at some point today, I hope I can get in some time for gossip girl!

Sunday was kind of a mess, i had cancellations and rescheduling up and down everywhere. I’m in the workings of writing a cancellation contract, mostly so I don’t have to wake up early on a Sunday when I don’t have to. I promised Ryan, my boyfriend, no working on Sundays but so far that’s not really working out.

Later today I have to train my swim team which is always fun. They’re up for anything and let me do what ever crazy idea that comes to mind. Wish me luck with getting through today and not having to take a  nap *crosses fingers*.

This morning I had to instruct my 6 am and 7 am boot camp classes, and after 4 hours of sleep I crashed the second I was home. Every other Friday my boyfriend and I have a deal where we spend the day watching Jersey Shore or something else that rots our brain. He has every other Friday off, but I still have clients tonight. Friday is a very popular day to get in an extra calorie burning sesh before the weekend.

One session that I have tonight is a private boot camp. It’s nice to be able to still do the circuit style as a personal training session. I have two women who meet me at the park across the street and we usually have to coordinate based on their kids soccer schedules, look into my future? 🙂

As for now, I put a HUGE mix of carrots, squash, asparagus, and green beans in the oven roasting, with a kiss of olive oil of course! Yum! I might also make some eggs because I plan on going to the gym once Snooki and Pauly D are done hanging out at my house.

Going with the idea that I totally spaced on breakfast here are some of my fav breakfast choices:

Steel cut oats with cinnamon and berries
Whole wheat tortilla with low fat cheese, eggs, and salsa
Whole wheat and flax toaster waffles with all natural peanut butter

Today, surprisinly I don’t have a single client. Some are sick, out of town, or just busy. All that’s left for me to do is go to practice (I coach synchronized swimming) and train my girls there. I basically take what I would do in one of my boot camp classes and apply it at practice. We use TRX and other helpful tools. Mostly for my girls, I’d like to strengthen their back and chest since synchronized swimmers frequently have to push, pull, or kick someone out of the water as well as themselves.

Do you ever have one of those really deep, hard sleeps? That was me this morning. Dead to the world. Nothing short of a slap in the face or my apartment being on fire could have forced me out of bed. So what did I do? I did the thing the most responsible adult would do, I set my alarm for later and turned on a DVD of the OC (4th season, I can say much much better without “Marissa”!)

This did, however, provent me from making anything for breakfast. I hate going without breakfast. I’m like a bear waking from hibernation, STARVING the second my feet hit the cold floor in the morning. So I settled for a green tea and a hummus plate from starbucks. Not too shabby. The whole thing ended up being 250 calories and a significant amount of protein.

And that’s another thing. What happened to my coffee addiction?! Seriously. I’m so confused with my body. Ever since Gilmore Girls aired in 1999, there has been a sick obsession with me and coffee. Mugs were not ordinary sizes, they usually were confused with soup bowls. I was like an addict with him habit “DON’T TOUCH MY MUG!” (Ugh, who ever thought roommates were a good idea ANYWAY). Lately though, it’s left me shakey and uncomfortable. Why why, god, why me?! Why do bad things happen to good people?!

Instead, I have a daily obsession with green tea. Apparently it makes you skinny and never age. Hey, I’ll take it.

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